Physical Red Team Operations Training

Physical Red Team Training.  Our REDTEAMOPSEC® methodology offers a systematic, repeatble, consistent, and comprehensive way to conduct Physical Red Team Operations / Physical Penetration Testing. Learn how to conduct Physical Red Team engagements end-to-end with precision and accuracy.

Physical Red Team Operations

Physical Red Team Training from the team who brought you Hacking The Grid

Developed by Jeremiah Talamantes, founder of RedTeam Security, RedTeam Security Training, author of Physical Red Team Operations, and The Social Engineer's Playbook. At every step, Jeremiah's experiences, techniques, tactics, and procedures will be integrated and make up the core foundation of the entire course.


Download the Red Team Training  course syllabus

Physical Red Team Training Course Description

This Physical Red Team training is based on the book Physical Red Team Operations: Physical Penetration Testing with the REDTEAMOPSEC Methdology® -- a methodology developed by 20-year information security veteran, red teamer, and author of this course Jeremiah Talamantes. This training combines Physical Security and Social Engineering for full-training exercises (FTX) with students breaking into actual offices/buildings (legally, of course), and social engineering real people, face to face. There is no other information security training like this today. Click this link to download the course syllabus.


The students will exercise their newly acquired skills and tactics by cooperating in full-training exercises (FTX). Students will leverage covert entry skills and conduct physical security attacks (ie: lock picking, evasion, diversions, physical pretexting) against surrounding and cooperating offices and/or buildings. No Red Team Operation training goes 100% as planned and this approach provides students with priceless experience without the consequences of a failed operation.

The goal of the training is to immerse the student in as much of a real Physical Red Team Operation as possible. Jeremiah and his instructors will guide students as they undergo a full-cycle Physical Red Team Operation from the planning phase to the exfiltration phase. At every step, RedTeam’s experiences, techniques, tactics, and procedures will be integrated and make up the core foundation of the entire course.

This course has been developed by Jeremiah Talamantes, author of  Physical Red Team Operations, The Social Engineer's Playbook, adjunct professor at Norwich University and Founder of RedTeam Security.

Red Team Training

Red Team Training from the red team that brought you Hacking The Grid

Drones, lock picking, computer hacking, motion detection evasion, hidden cameras, night vision, fence jumping, RFID cloning. Sound like a movie? Watch as a film crew are embedded with us during a real-life Red Team Operation.

Training Dates

October 15, 16 & 17 2019

Union Depot in St. Paul, MN

Join us at the Union Depot in St. Paul, MN for 3-days from October 15th to October 17th, 2019.


Training Information

  • Location

    The location for most of our training will be conducted in the Lowertown district of St. Paul, MN at the Union Depot Building.

    However, we look forward to bringing our training to Washington DC, New Orleans, Chicago, and San Francisco.


  • Requirements

    You should bring:
    * Your driver’s license (or Government-issued ID)
    * Your “casual Friday” clothes

    You should:
    * Be at least 18 years of age
    * Understanding of Windows/Linux, TCP/IP
    * Understand computer networking basics
    * Understand penetration testing and exploitation
    * Understand red teaming principles and physical security

  • Photo/Video

    Video recording of any portion of the training program is strictly prohibited. Students must directly ask for permission from the course instructor before taking any photos of other students, classroom, training materials, slides, tools, techniques, etc.

    Non-compliance with the Photos & Video policy or any rules herein will be ground for student dismissal.

  • Terms

    There are no rain checks, postponements, deferrals, make-ups or refunds for missed classes. For refunds, please refer to list below:

    Full Refund: notice must be given in writing on or before the 30 day mark
    Half Refund: notice must be given in writing on or before the 14 day mark

    RedTeam Security Training, LLC reserves the right to cancel a training class for any reason at anytime. Cancellation announcements will be communicated by email using the email address used during registration. However, every attempt will be made to ensure this does not impact student’s travel arrangements. In the unlikely event of a class cancellation, RedTeam Security Training, LLC will fully refund the class fee to students.

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What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Jeremiah and his staff have taken the traditional technical based penetration testing and merged it with the physical side of information security. This is unique in the industry, as the physical portion is rarely if ever touched on in the typical instructor led course. Jeremiah and his staff do an excellent job of putting together realistic scenarios that shed a whole new light on penetration testing. It has been a long time since I’ve received this much value from a technical course. Very well done.”
    Attended Red Team Training
  • “I've been to a few "Hands-on" security trainings... but were led by "book" instructors... your team really did have real field examples.. and experiences.”
    Attended Red Team Training
  • “It was a comprehensive approach. Most training offered out there is focused on one area (pentest, social engineering or physical) not on how all of them work together in an attack.”
    Attended Red Team Training
  • “The staff, the location, the exercises, the material, etc. were all well done with thought and care to creating the best immersive training exercises possible considering the topics.”
    Attended Red Team Training
  • “The intensity of the FTX and the enthusiasm of the speakers is the best I've ever seen. ”
    Attended Red Team Training
  • “This was one of the most comprehensive InfoSec training sessions I've attended. Definitely worth the investment!”
    Attended Social Engineering Expert

About the Course Creator

Jeremiah Talamantes, CISSP, CCISO, CHFI, CCENT, CEH

Jeremiah is the Founder of RedTeam Security -- a boutique information security firm specializing in Social Engineering, Penetration Testing, and Red Teaming. Jeremiah holds two patents; one for his proprietary methodology for red teaming called, Full-Force Red Teaming®. He has over 20 years in information security and is the author of the Social Engineer's Playbook: A Practical Guide to Pretexting and Physical Red Team Operations: Physical Penetration Testing with the REDTEAMOPSECMethodology®.

Jeremiah has appeared on national TV news outlet,FOX News Live with Adam Housley. Additionally, he has been quoted and interviewed by CNN, Yahoo! Finance, Houston Chronicle, Business Insider, Tech Insider, CIO Magazine, PenTest Magazine, POWER Magazine, LegalNews, Finance & Commerce and others.

Jeremiah has a Master’s degree in Information Security & Assurance and an executive business education from the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business. He is an Adjunct Professor at Norwich University, College of Graduate Studies in Information Security & Assurance.

Jeremiah Talamantes

My motivation for this course

My goal in the development of this course is to bring you immense value and education. I provide a set of resources, know-how, proven methodology and tactics that enable students to accelerate their skills and move into this growing field with confidence.

Download the Red Team Training course syllabus

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